Every single step of the sales process needs to be painstakingly planned and squared away, including the collection of all documentation and professional presentation, verbal as well as photographic communication of the property’s habitability, as well as the purchase transaction. Mati Immobilien handles all of this on your behalf!


Real estate is one of the most popular forms of investment opportunity. It is all about the future and, of course, the money, and thus about getting the greatest possible return out of the lease. What should the period of the lease be and for a maximum of how many people, how is the price of the lease established, what to do in the event of default payment and what are the maintenance obligations: The estate agents of Mati Immobilien are your points of contact to clarify all of these questions and more.

Concept Development

We accompany you through every planning step of your building project. It is necessary to have clearly defined goals. And on the path to those goals, we are dedicated to the greatest possible transparency and communication between everyone involved. We will take care of the location analysis and all preparatory steps for construction, staying on top of the entire project process. The tasks we take care of on your behalf include calculation of total purchase costs as well as leasing expenses, along with informative market analysis to clarify the supply-and-demand situation. Upon request, we can provide a utilization analysis that takes into account all possible uses of the property you are interested in. All with an eye to profitability along with social compatibility and environmental sustainability.

Tax-Related Matters

It is vital to maintain a constant overview of the various facets and nuances of pertinent tax laws: Our tax experts will develop a tax solution that is tailored to your personal needs. If you wish, you can place all tax-related matters in our expert hands and benefit from professional support in optimizing your tax situation. The clarification of all formalities as well as the groundwork for establishing a corporation can also be handled by a single, expert source. True to our concept of offering a total package of services, thanks to our experienced interior architects we are also able to adapt your property to your individual wishes and requirements. Your investment is planned thoroughly from A-Z – and each step to your best advantage!


In order to clarify all financial and legal issues, your unique situation must be thoroughly analyzed – and our legal professionals are right there at your side to answer all of your financial and legal questions. As an investor, we make sure your wishes are met with respect to flexible returns, while simultaneously paving the way to guaranteed returns. We will negotiate and fine-tune the necessary financing – including financing without equity capital, if that’s what you desire.


Complex issues and open questions are handled in personal discussions: With the help of a licensed notary, you can always rest assured you are receiving expert advice and never have to give a second thought to regulations or negotiating bureaucratic hurdles. You will receive a comprehensible explanation of all matters pertaining to all legal issues, as well as precise information about your personal legal situation. So that you always know right where you stand.

Our Current Properties

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