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We focus on special properties to meet upscale demands, both at home and abroad. No matter whether you are a small or large investor, building a new property; whether you want to purchase, sell or lease: We appreciate your vision and your joy in investing! We offer you expert consultation and planning when it comes to every aspect of the project, and we know how to achieve the best possible returns on your investment. In order to optimize the brokering and sales process, we take into account your individual requirements as well as the current market situation

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No language barriers and clear insight into the jungle of regulations.

Have you been dreaming of having your own house on the sea for the longest time? Or of a small, pretty apartment in a small-town setting? But the prospect of negotiations in a foreign language, of confusing laws and bureaucratic nightmares in a foreign country have held you back until now? In that case, our experts are the right people to help you with all of your property and investment needs! From stylish apartments to exclusive villas – we accompany you through every step of the process, take care of all correspondence in the local language, help you navigate the public authorities. Our Mati professionals have expert knowledge of the locality and the country, have a true appreciation for the country, its people and its culture, speak the local language and, armed with this entire skill set, are also able to provide you with the support you need along the path which follows construction or purchase of your dream property.

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The idea seeks capital and the right location; the location seeks the right idea and capital; capital seeks the right idea and location: This theory addresses three approaches to project development, and practice confirms it. We facilitate this by making the foreign language and bureaucratic jargon intelligible to you. In every circumstance, our experienced real estate and investment professionals understand the right approach. To provide you with the best advice possible!

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Properties with style and elegance are our passion. Due to our many years of experience in the industry, our personal involvement in international real estate markets as well as close cooperation, both within our company as well as with external experts in all fields of the industry, our references already include countless exclusive residential and commercial properties in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.


In the Middle of Life...


You have concrete plans and we are the people to ensure those plans become a reality. Mati Immobilien supports you in the purchase as well as leasing of private homes and apartments as well as office and commercial properties. For your new real estate projects and investment plans, our real estate agency is able to provide a complete concept from start to finish. You save yourself the time and organizational hassle, while enjoying the clear advantage of an optimal return on your investment. We are also happy to assist you in all tax-related and legal issues as well as financing, thanks to our team of tax experts and experienced notaries.

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Mati Immobilien brings together under one umbrella an array of European countries including Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Croatia, along with the Spanish Balearic Islands. Due to our intensive collaboration with partners in Austria as well as various other countries, we are able to support you in every phase of the project process. We make contacts on your behalf, take care of correspondence in the foreign language, plus harness our knowledge of local real estate markets, the customs and practices of the country and its people, as well as our clear understanding of local regulations and laws.

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Mati Immobilien GmbH is your first-class international real estate and investment agency for purchase, new construction projects as well as leasing.

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Stadthaus Bischofshofen

5500 Bischofshofen
2 chalets available!
Fanningberg I

5573 Weißpriach
Residential complex, Am Göra, Tamsweg

5580 Tamsweg